Memphis Film Lab aims to help keep the film-shooting world alive by offering lab-quality scanning and developing services at a reasonable price. We also offer discount rates for bulk orders and old film. For a full price list, click here.


How do you process your film?

All color negative 35mm film is processed in a Noritsu QSF-T15 RA minilab, using high-quality Kodak Flexicolor chemicals. We run control strips daily. 120 film is processed in a rotary processor using the same Kodak Chemicals. For E6 we use a four-bath process in a rotary processor. For black and white film we use Kodak Xtol, a great all-around developer that may or may not be the best option, depending on your film type. We also have Kodak HC-110 available.

How do I place an order?

Ordering is simple. No order forms or work orders. Select the services you would like here and add them to your cart. After you pay you will receive an email with an order number and shipping instructions. Once we receive your film you’ll get a second email, and we will get to work.

What type of scanning equipment do you use?

For 35mm we use a Noritsu LS-600, a lab-quality film scanner designed for a production environment.  For 120 and mounted slides we use a Kodak HR-500, a rare scanner with great color reproduction and sharpness and one of the only versions of Digital ICE that works on Kodachrome slides. Standard scans for 6 x 6 are roughly 61MB @ 2600 x 2800 and Ultra are 100 MB @ 5900 x 5600. All scans are automatically color corrected based on their film type. Underexposed images can have color casts and will require black-point correction. For old film we balance out color casts as much as possible.

What type of scans should I get?

For web sharing the base scans will be fine. For pretty much all other purposes you will be fine with the standard scans. For higher quality scans and prints larger than a 8 x 10, the Ultra scans are ideal, but keep in mind they are very large files and take longer to scan and send.

How will I receive my results?

If you order scans, a link to download them via WeTransfer will be sent to the email you provided upon purchase.

Do you offer prints?

We offer 4 x 6 dye-sub prints for 35mm in both glossy and matte on the DNP-DS40. Prints are fingerproof, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and fade-resistant. Base scans come free with prints.

Do you develop disposable cameras?

Yes! You don't need to select anything extra. We treat all disposable /  throwaway cameras as normal 35mm development. 

Do you develop APS / Advantix / 240 film

Yes! You don't need to select anything extra. We treat all APS / 240 / Kodak Advantix film as normal 35mm development. We can even return the film in its original cartridge like it was intended.

What is your turnaround time?

We are a small, but high-volume lab and aim to get you your film in a timely manner. For individual C41 35mm rolls we try to get your images uploaded within three business days after we receive them. Bulk orders, black and white, E6, and 120 all take longer, depending on our workload at that time. We do not process film on Sundays or holidays.

How do I get my film to you?

For individual rolls, USPS First Class is usually the best option. For bulk orders, especially ones that include disposable cameras, your fastest and cheapest option will be USPS Priority Mail. The post office provides free flat-rate boxes that are the same price regardless of weight.

Do you return negatives?

You can choose whether or not to have your negatives returned at checkout. Return shipping is a flat fee of $3.75, regardless of number of rolls, paid at checkout. For 35mm film you can choose to have your film cut (strips of four) or uncut. We do not mount slides at this time.

What if I notice a problem with my scans?

While we pride ourselves in the quality of our processing and scans, there are many things that can go wrong in the film world, from the moment a picture is taken up until it gets scanned in. Here is a great post by another film lab listing many common problems that can happen when shooting / scanning film. We often send reports with our scans outlining any of these issues we may have noticed while scanning, so be sure to keep an eye out when you get your download link. However, should you have an issues please contact us right away.

Can I physically drop my film off or pick it up?

Please contact us first to set up a time.

Do you sell film?

We sell film to locals. Contact us for pricing and to see what we have in stock.

Do you process old film?

For a complete guide to developing your old film, have a read of our Comprehensive Guide. Please contact us for questions concerning outdated film stocks such as C22 and Kodachrome. While this is not our main area, we have had success retrieving images from very old rolls of film. Most outdated film stocks can be developed in black and white chemicals, given the right process. We do not process 8mm film.