35mm (C41, E6, or B/W)


35mm (C41, E6, or B/W)

from 5.00

C41, E6, and Black & White options are all the same price.

Base scans are 1512 x 1002, great for online sharing, and are included with print orders. Standard scans are 3024 x 2005. The high-res option comes with tiff files at a whopping 6048 x 4011, great for large prints or editing files on your own. That’s the same as many large labs like The Darkroom offer at almost half the price!

Now offering high-quality 600 dpi 4 x 6 dye-sub prints from the DNP-DS40. Prints are finger proof, scratch resistant, water resistant, and UV protected. Base Scans are free with prints.

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